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Psychotherapy and Counseling

counselor counseling therapist therapy austin tx

  • Are you feeling lost in your own life?
  • Do you fantasize about how your life "should" be?
  • Are you tired of going in circles?
  • Are you losing sleep, or are you sleepless? And does this impact all parts of your life?

See FAQs for some information about the Differences Between Counseling, Psychotherapy, and Coaching

Also, click here to learn more about What to Expect From Your Counseling or Therapy Experience

Balancing work and daily life along with mind and body (and, for many, spirit) can be challenging; using counseling and therapy can provide tools to help you find your balance.  Strengths- and mindfulness-based psychology and solution-oriented counseling and therapy techniques create a great environment for personal transformation though mindful living. I see counseling and therapy as being based on a strong relationship between a client's strengths and their ability to use them to deal with their obstacles, whether they are biochemical, learned, situational, etc.  The counselor guides and explores with the client how to remain calm and focused when looking for solutions; asking questions and providing support and insight when appropriate, mindful that the most important work is happening within the client. Simply getting started with your counseling or therapy is often the most important step.

People who will benefit from their counseling or therapy with me are those that are willing to own their part of their reality, AND also be willing to make actual behavioral/thought changes that help them to take responsibility for living their life in a way that they choose.

Working from a solution-oriented/client directed approach, I assume that each person has the innate ability to effectively deal with most situations. Though your counseling or therapy, I will work with you to determine what changes you are wanting to make, the strengths you already have, areas for growth, and action plans to follow. It is important to stress that I will partner with you in your change process, not direct your life or make judgment calls on what is right or wrong for you. Finally, it is important for you to understand that the success of your counseling or therapy depends on what you do outside of my office, not just what you talk about inside it.

I believe in and enjoy my work, so I give you my full attention and resources, no matter how difficult your circumstances. Your changes are designed to become second nature and long lasting. My presence is calm, casual and honest.

Please explore the Quick Links box (to the left) for information about types of psychotherapy and counseling available.  Read more about the GATE's services, specialties, and visit the blog.

Read more about Rates and Insurance policy

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